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The Academy
Academy of Music,Dance and Events...
The Talent Academy as the name suggests aims to explore the talent of an individual in the most comfortable and fervent setting of the academy. The knowledge gained from our academy is functional to students when they actually enter into the arena of
We are unique
Find out how
  • Teaching from professional and experienced teachers
  • Giving ready platform to students in our own events, music albums, music videos & online promotion.
  • In house competitions
  • Creating their own musical bands
Special batches for kids

We take pride to inform our prospective students that we not only create artistes but also prepare them for certification in music exams conducted by The Trinity College, London and renowned UGC accredited Music Societies.

The PERFECT place to Learn, Perform & Shine… Talent Academy is different from other music & dance schools. Our approach & aim is to teach proper Bollywood & Commercial music...the way it should be learned to become a real performing artist. Our professional environment, training & teaching methods develops the necessary skills to become a real professional artist who is confident on any given stage or recording studios.